The outdoor Poet

The Outdoor Poet: T. Mike Walker

Poems from the writer, painter, former SF cop and Cabrillo College instructor.

The Outdoor Poet: Pegatha Hughes

From 'Last Rays,' painted by Pegatha Hughes.

'Davenport,' by poet and plein-aire painter Pegatha Hughes.

The Outdoor Poet: Pam O'Shaughnessy

Giant kelp forest by Claire Fackler/NOAA.

Poems about familiar places by the Santa Cruz poet.

The Outdoor Poet: Marcia Adams

Three poems about the writer's Sierra Nevada upbringing.

The Outdoor Poet: Ira Lightman

Photo by Ian Greig/Creative Commons

In this week's Outdoor Poet, the ukulele-strumming Poetry Sleuth, a.k.a. Ira Lightman, shares two poems and a video.

The Outdoor Poet: Adela Najarro

"The Boy" and "What to Tell A New Lover About An Old One"

The Outdoor Poet: Ken Weisner

"Moonless Night, Corralitos, Summer 1964"

The Outdoor Poet: Stephen Kessler

Thoughts on a street called Mission

The Outdoor Poet: Maggie Paul

'This World' by Santa Cruz-based poet and writing instructor Maggie Paul

The Outdoor Poet: Patrice Vecchione

'Three of The Seven Sisters' by Linda Tanner on Flickr

'Early Fall Along The Shores of Los Osos' and 'The Garden Thieves'